Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One of those days

I have started and scrapped at least 4 blog entries since the last time I wrote. I am more comfortable and my days are becoming more normal. I want to put up pictures of projects, but thatwill come later when I have internet on a computer.

When I first got my invitation to Jamaica, when I first landed, when I first got to site I had huge doubts as to what I was doing. I had several "I have made a huge mistake" moments. I know that even though I don't feel like that right now that I will continue to have moments like that in my service, but now I have days like today to look back on and remember why I'm doing this. I started an envionmental club at the primary school at the beginning of the school year and a couple weeks ago one of the teachers got an email inviting the school into an island wide competition for environmental clubs. This makes my work so much easier now that there is an incentive. The group heading the competition came today to check out the school and drop off trees and after talking for a while the man said "you're lucky to have her" and the teacher and principal said "yes we are." It could have just been in the excitement of the moment, but it was niceand it made me feel welcome here. I will have days where I will have doubts and might want to leave but today I had a "this is where I am supposed to be"moment.

For the competition we have an art part of it and we get extra points for coming up with something unique. It has to go along with the theme of the environment and the three r's. I was thinking of doing a hanging garden using plastic bottles and making origami cranes out of old posters. Any ideas on something to add or anything completely different? We have a few months to work on it. Leave ideas in the comments or email me. This isn't cheating, it's using my resources. We're going to win.

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